I just love eating berry salads. I don’t normally add chicken to it but since we are on the Whole 30 eating plan… I need the added protein. I saw this recipe on Whole 30’s website, they have a lot of different ideas which were great to reference. This is one of my favorite berry […]

Ok, so did you guys know that you can make ice cream with bananas?! Well, I guess I make smoothies with bananas all the time so it makes sense, I’ve just never done it before. Well, once I started on the Whole 30 eating plan I was craving treats, so I read about how you can […]

So as I’ve mentioned, my husband and I started the Whole 30 program last week. It’s always exciting for me to try new recipes. There were definitely some winners and losers so far. I will make sure to share some of my favorites. This first one is stuffed acorn squash. It was so good. With Whole […]

Hello and welcome to this week’s link party! I am loving this warm weather, and before I know it summer break will be here! I’m just looking forward to being done with my Whole30 eating plan-I need some chocolate! I’ll share some recipes later in the week of some of my favorites so far. Don’t […]

{top: H&M, sunglasses: Gordmans c/o, track pants: Gordmans c/o, wedges: Target} I am always one to buy comfortable clothes when I go shopping. My husband always makes fun of me because without fail every time I go shopping I come back with at least one hoodie or pair of sweats. Recently, I was shopping at […]