Most of my house has very muted grays and blues. So in my craft room I wanted to use brighter colors (I did paint 3 of the 4 walls white… so it needed some color) I saw a mobile like this on Oh Joy’s website and thought it was totally do-able. It’s a fun way […]

I love making ice cream. Aside from this chocolate cherry combination, my other favorite is chocolate peanut butter ice cream with nutella and oreos mixed in. Hmm… I think I’m going to need to make that again soon… It’s such a fun treat to make from scratch and easy enough that the kids can be […]

Hello and welcome to this week’s link party! I hope you’re having  a great week! I can’t believe it’s Valentine’s day already this week! Pretty soon it will be spring break woot woot! There were some great link ups last week here are a few of my favorites:Red Velvet Mason Jar Cakes from Sunny With A […]

Today I want to talk about making your grocery shopping more efficient. Becoming “lean” in your life doesn’t mean to completely minimize what you buy but it’s more about being organized with your purchases. I find this to be a bit tricky because I want to have some food stored away in case of an emergency, but […]

I feel like I’m so behind when it comes to decorating my home for the holidays. I am still working on finishing rooms in our new house-so when I get some time to work on projects that is what I spend my time on. However, I had the idea to make this little XO board […]